Truth Check: Cops Pull Gun And Choke Deer Is Real Pic, Fake Narrative


Photos are going viral which appear to show police roughing up a deer, when they’re actually helping it.

Ozark, MO – A picture is certainly going viral which, according to cop-haters, shows law enforcement pulling a gun on the deer while choking it.

While the picture is real, no officer had their gun out, plus they were wanting to help the deer.

The incident occurred at Casey’s SUPERMARKET in Ozark on Wed at around 4:23 p.m, according to Ozark Law enforcement Department.

Officials were dispatched to a deer in the parking great deal that was seeking to enter the supermarket.

Officials Schwartz and Cabrales worked to fully capture the deer and transportation it to a wooded area such that it wouldn’t get stuck in the store or get strike by an automobile on Highway 14.

The authorities department posted photos of the incident online.

While the officers were successful in securing the deer’s safety, people on the internet decided to try to change the narrative, because they’re awful.

The claim that the officer had a gun drawn was then repeated on social media, even though it’s clear that the officer’s gun was in its holster. When that was pointed out, they claimed the officer was using a Taser instead, which was still false.

Do you think that there should be consequences for knowingly spreading false information about police officers? We’d like to hear what you think. Please let us know in the comments


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