The Biggest Technology Fails of the final Decade


Any organization, whether it is a multi-billion-dollar corporate and business behemoth or startup lowly, can start a hyped product that actually is total dud. We’ve seen our reasonable share of technology flops (this is actually the second time we gather products for an identical list), even though some very explode in a ball of hot quickly, fiery failure, others linger around for years before slowy fading away into obscurity.
In no particular order of uselessness, here are our top biggest tech fails of the last ten years.

Explosive fun

What’s more threatening than an exploding mobile phone? Think about a toy targeted at kids that catches open fire spontaneously? Not quite happy with the chance of breaking limbs and maneuvering into traffic, several hoverboards was included with an extra component of danger that could change users into a non-superhero version of the Human being Torch.
Not absolutely all the hoverboards were susceptible to bursting into flames; it was the cheaply made knockoffs-of which there have been a great deal mainly. But even a few of the larger name brands found themselves banned from merchants such as Focus on and Amazon over security concerns.
The ultimate straw came when america Postal Service followed the lead of a true number of airlines, including Delta, United, and American Airlines, by banning the devices from air transportation. Keep in mind: if a toy gets the potential to lower a plane, it will only get as a Xmas gift to people you truly don’t like.



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