10 Technology Products WHICH WERE Likely to Fail… But Didn’t


You’ll often find that whenever a new service or product fails, there are a line of individuals waiting to say, “I told you so.” But despite at first looking like absolute turkeys destined for the trash can, there were plenty of expected technology disasters that ended up being successful. Below are a few of the very most memorable.

1Amazon Echo
Alexa > Siri

Digital tone of voice assistants included in smartphones have their uses, but relatively few handset owners work with them. Why would Amazon want to integrate the same kind of AI technology into a home Bluetooth loudspeaker? Surely the Amazon Echo would have problems with the same problem as smartwatches: why would anyone want one when their telephone can do a similar thing, if not better? With least handsets have the benefit of a screen.
As it happens, however, that folks enjoy asking Alexa to try out music, read the information, and perform those other skills the 3rd parties began to integrate by the hundreds. Works out controlling a slew of smart home devices with your tone of voice is actually fairly cool. Just 2 yrs after release, the Echo experienced sold around 5.1 million units. The success resulted in an entire type of smart loudspeakers from Amazon (including one with a display), as well as similar devices from companies such as Google. Smart audio speakers, it appears, are here to remain.



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